Another beverage brought to us by Northwest Soda Works out of Port Angeles, WA. You might remember my previous review of Bedford’s Root Beer that I sampled while traveling to Victoria, BC. This time around I didn’t purchase the soda in its native city, I bought it on a really good sale at my local Albertson’s grocery store (99 cents, then buy 5 get one free).

I’m discovering that there’s an obvious distinction that has to be made when reviewing orange creams. There are orange creams that taste like a derivative of orange juice (with vanilla), and then there are orange creams that taste like a derivative of orange creamsicles. Bedford’s falls into the latter camp.

It doesn’t taste like orange so much as it tastes like orange candy. There’s a lot of vanilla flavor, a bright “orange” color, and a nice amount of carbonation. I enjoyed it a lot and wouldn’t mind drinking it again. That earns it a 7 out of 10 on my rating scale. While it’s not fancy, it’s good. Also, the fact that it was so affordable and is bottled locally (Orca Beverage, Inc out of Mukilteo) makes me want to come back to it. It’s nostalgic, and it’s refreshing. It’s a bit over-saturated in both color and flavor to be a frequent drinker for me, but I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it.

Sampled on 10/2/2016, purchased at Albertson’s for less than $1