The Sodafry

Soda and French Fry Reviews in the Seattle area (and beyond)


I’m an accountant in the Seattle area that doesn’t drink alcohol and obsesses over interesting drinks. And french fries. To be honest, I obsess over a lot of other things too, but this blog concentrates on those two areas.

With the sodas, I try to focus on root beer, but I also delve into novelty sodas (unfortunately) and craft ginger beer (fortuitously). With the french fries I try to find various renditions of poutine (fries, cheese, gravy), but I also review more traditional fries as well.

If you have suggestions or recommendations, please let me know! If it’s within your ability to send me a sample I’d be happy to provide you with an address. If you’d like me to visit your brewery or restaurant, please reach out to and we’ll coordinate a trip.