The Sodafry

Craft Soda and Fry Reviews


I’m an accountant in the Seattle area that doesn’t drink alcohol and obsesses over interesting drinks. And french fries. To be honest, I obsess over a lot of other things too, but this blog concentrates on those two areas.

With the sodas, I try to focus on root beer, but I also delve into novelty sodas (unfortunately) and craft ginger beer (fortuitously). With the french fries I try to find various renditions of poutine (fries, cheese, gravy), but I also review more traditional fries as well.

If you have suggestions or recommendations, please let me know! If it’s within your ability to send me a sample I’d be happy to provide you with an address. If you’d like me to visit your brewery or restaurant, please reach out to and we’ll coordinate a trip.


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