Turns out that this is the Canadian version of Natural Brew Root Beer available in the US. They’re both made by the Smuckers company, but it looks like I’m going to need to go a blind comparison at some point to see if there’s a difference between the two. I tried the Natural Brew stuff a long time ago (before this blog came live), so it’s worth a revisit.

img_20161104_211601-2I really enjoyed it. It’s made with brown sugar which adds a little earthiness and a bitter bite. It also includes licorice root, sweet birch, and anise. I tasted a lot of anise, but it didn’t completely overpower the other flavors. I liked it as a focal point.

This is what I would consider a conversational beverage because I could see how the spices could distract from the flavors of a meal if you tried to pair it incorrectly.

I’ll give it an 8 out of 10. Would gladly drink again.

Sampled on 11/5/2016. Purchased at Choices Market in South Surrey, BC.