Because I don’t have nearly enough going on in my life, I decided to drive the whole family across the Canadian border to visit a Costco food court. Why drive two hours on a stormy day to go to Costco? Costco in Canada sells poutine. I kid you not! Here’s a time-lapse of our journey.

imgp3467I generally ignore cost differences in my ratings, but this time I need to make an exception. For $4.49 Canadian I received a generous serving of piping hot fries, gravy, and cheese curds. Unless it was total garbage this would earn my recommendation.

The fries were fantastic. They’re a full-size fry with some sort of a light coating (potato starch?) that blisters crispy on the surface. The inside maintains a baked potato consistency. These are outstanding cafeteria fries. They’re not gourmet, but they’re hearty and satisfying.

The gravy was a bit of a letdown, but I shouldn’t have been surprised. It’s your standard brown gravy made from a powder. There’s plenty of salt, but I wish there was a bit of pepper. Had I looked around I might have found some pepper packets to add it myself, but it was pretty bland on its own. Not bad, just bland.


The cheese curds were nice. They give you a small handful of mozzarella curds that start off cold and heat up as you eat. With your first few bites it’s a fun contrast with the hot fries and gravy. By the end it’s a stringy melty mess. Great stuff.

Overall, I give these a 7 out of 10. While there’s nothing special about them they’re ridiculously affordable and filling. You probably shouldn’t drive two hours to try them, but if you’re visiting Costco in Canada anyway, give them a try. Or, you could try the chicken fingers or wings. It’s madness!

Sampled on 10/15/2016 in Surrey, BC for $4.49 Canadian

p.s. Don’t take pictures inside of Costco. They’ll politely tell you not to.