Only the finest will do for the Sodafry. When I heard that Wendy’s was introducing Bacon Sriracha Fries I waited by my phone for a personal invitation to try them. I assumed that Dave Thomas had not only heard about me, but would insist that I review his new product. Turns out Dave Thomas died in 2002. Rest in peace, Dave.

I put my pride aside and visited my local Wendy’s location to give the fries a whirl. For $1.99 these were a pretty good fast food side. The bacon was crispy and smokey. It’s real bacon. The sriracha sauce tasted like most other fast food mayonnaise sauces, but with a healthy squirt of sriracha. I consider that a positive, but it does taste a bit oily. This whole dish is funny to me because Sriracha has been marketed for the past year or so as the next “bacon”. These fries have the new “bacon” and the old “bacon”. That being said, they taste good together. I wouldn’t get this to eat in the car (you’ll need a fork).


I have two complaints about the fries, the first being the fries themselves. Wendy’s fries have very little character on their own. They weren’t seasoned, they weren’t hot, and they’re not fried well enough to develop a real crust. I found them almost flavorless with very little texture. Thank goodness they’re coated in a spicy sauce with smokey bacon. My second issue was the grated cheddar. Based on the marketing pictures I think that the cheddar should have been melted, but this was still luke warm. This caused a grainy/starchy texture with the fries that could have been avoid with a little more attention to the preparation.

Overall, I enjoyed the fries. The sauce was spicy, smooth, and generous. The bacon was most likely precooked and reheated, but it was everything I expect from bacon. With better fries and melted cheese it would have been better, but as it was I’ll give it a 6.2 out of 10.

Side note, I noticed the Wendy’s converted over to the Coca-Cola Freestyle machines. Along with that they offer an exclusive Cherry Cream soda. I didn’t try it this time, but maybe another day:


Sampled on 10/3/2016