After not traveling for the better part of two years, I’ve found myself traveling a lot. Mostly to the same places, but it’s still time away from home. A recent trip took me to the Salt Lake City airport. Knowing that I’d need to walk a mile to get between the A and B gates I decided to fuel up with some french fries.

I’m unfamiliar with the food at the SLC airport. Bruges Belgian Bistro caught my eye because if anyone was going to have great fries it should be them. The menu highlights Belgian style frites, but they round out the offerings with sweet/savory waffles (caramelized with pearl sugar) and sandwiches. The restaurant started as a food cart with the waffles by Temple Square and evolved into what it is today.

All I wanted was fries, but I knew that I should consume some protein as well. The Machine Gun sandwich appeared to be the perfect marriage of the two. Spicy lamb sausage with andouille sauce topped with frites (“as seen on Man v Food!”).

The fries were amazing. Terrific texture with the right mix of crunchy shell and steamy interior. The andouille sauce was spicy and tangy and perfect. The sandwich was…not great. Here’s the thing; it was impossible to eat until you either removed (or ate) at least half of the fries piled on top. That wasn’t a problem for me, it just delayed the gratification. The actual issues was the lamb sausage. It was dry, and mealy, and an insufficient meat to bun ratio. I expected one big link of sausage, but instead it was two landjaeger sized sticks. Think of it like two steamed slim-jims in a hoagie roll. It wasn’t for me. I wish I had ordered the burger, or maybe just a side of frites.

Bottom line, get the fries! The burger looked good, too. The Liege waffles are very unique if you’re in the mood for something sweet. I can’t in good conscience recommend the Machine Gun sandwich.