I generally don’t like Pepsi, and I generally don’t like Peeps. Yet here I am. Social pressure has grown to such a state that I spend my hard earned money on something that I know I won’t enjoy in order to provide this service to the rest of the internet. To satisfy your curiosity, I can confirm that Pepsi does in fact have a limited edition Peeps flavored cola. I can also confirm that it does not taste very good.

If you decide to venture down the same flavor journey that I did, you’ll probably notice four things in very quick succession. First, you’ll taste the very sweet but slightly bitter flavor of Pepsi. This will be familiar, and you shouldn’t be alarmed. About 1/4 second later you’ll taste something very noticeably artificial. This is a guess, but I believe that this is the flavor note provided by the florescent sprinkles adorning a Peep. It tastes like food coloring. Very soon after that you’ll taste something reminiscent to marshmallow. Not a good marshmallow, but a marshmallow nonetheless. Lastly, you’ll taste what I discerned as a burnt sugar flavor. That one stays with you for a bit until you take another hit and start that little rollercoaster all over again.

I can’t recommend this soda. The label is cute, but the drink is gross. I even ate a couple of Peeps so that I could compare one to the other. It doesn’t taste like Peeps, it’s just a new kind of bad.

Also, did you know that Peeps originally had wings? If you want more Peeps history, go ahead and check out Wikipedia.