Nice to know that there’s consistency in this world. To go along with a cheesy name, there’s a pretty weak soda. While I never thought I would love this root beer it disappointed on a different level than I anticipated.

Dad-Gum-It! is produced by the fine people at Rocket Fizz, but is far from one of their strongest offerings. Most of the time butterscotch flavored root beers come across way too sweet. It’s almost like they take a fully sweetened root beer and melt a bag of Werthers originals into the bottle. They’ll rot your teeth before you get to the bottom…if you can manage to finish it at all.

This root beer didn’t have that cloying sweetness, but it also didn’t have much personality. It had a generic root beer flavor, kind of like a grocery store brand. If I concentrated real hard and thought about prairie grass blowing in the wind I could taste a little bit of butterscotch, but that was the only other discernible flavor. Ultimately, this root beer disappoints fans of traditional root beer, and it’ll also disappoint fans of super sweet butterscotch sodas. Congratulations?

I give this one a strong pass. It made a 5.5 out of 10 only because the level of sweetness was correct. Besides that I wouldn’t bother.


Purchased at the Root Beer Store in Lynnwood, sampled on 8/7/2016