Despite the clever bottling and graphics on this root beer, I couldn’t find much information about Lake George Soda Works.  They appear to be a soda maker based out of New York. Besides that, all I know is that they sell a root beer and that they’ve been sued by a brewery with a similar name. Kind of a shaky start.

Edit: Fast forward a couple of months and I figured out that Lake George Soda Works is an extension of Adirondack Pub and Brewery. Also, the lawsuit did not end well for Adirondack.

Their root beer falls into the honey-forward family. Does moose urine taste like honey? I don’t know, but Moose Wizz Root Beer sure does. It has enough of a sassafras base to remind you that you’re drinking root beer but the honey is certainly the main show.

I like honey, so I’m not surprised that I like this brand. It earned a 7 out of 10 from me, but I considered scoring a little lower due to the slightly overwhelming honey presence. It coats your mouth, it sticks with you, and if you don’t like honey in general you’ll absolutely hate this. There’ll be no redeeming value.

One could make the case that Moose Wizz is a bit oversweet. I wouldn’t argue. However, I enjoyed drinking it and you might too.

Purchased at the root beer store 8/6/2016, sampled on 8/7/2016
Edits made on 12/2/2016