Falafel Salam is indisputably one of the best food trucks in the greater Seattle area. It can be a challenge to find quick, affordable, vegetarian options for lunch in the downtown area but these guys do a knock-out job. There are meat options as well, but their falafel is top shelf.

I took stopped by the truck in Westlake Park on a blistering hot Friday to try their garlic fries for the first time. Their pita sandwiches are usually more than enough food for me, so these fries required a special trip. The description claims that they’re hand-cut Yukon-gold potatoes served with a garlic herb sauce, feta, and coriander ketchup. How could you go wrong?


This is a fantastic side, especially from a food truck! First observation, the fries are actually somewhere between “home-fries” and “chips”. They’re thin half-circles that aren’t exactly crispy, but somehow still hold up to the toppings. You need a fork, though. Yukon-gold potatoes have a terrific flavor and creamy texture which makes them difficult to use as a fry. Oh well. They lasted long enough for me to shovel them into my mouth. I had intended to just eat a couple after photographing the dish and then carrying them back to the office. That didn’t happen. I stuffed my face and went back empty handed.

I loved the creamy garlic herb aioli. They were generous with it, too. The aioli and feta combined for a rich and fulfilling side which is only augmented by the coriander ketchup. It’s sweet and tangy and kind of earthy at the same time. A perfect compliment. They have some acid in here somewhere…probably in the aioli. It’s enough lemon to brighten your palate and trigger a fork-to-mouth response. Must eat more!

Bottom line, this place is rad and you should get your butt over to try it out. The fries are amazing, but I wouldn’t fault you for sticking with a pita sandwich or one of their other options. You can get most of these things vegan, and there’s even gluten free options. It earned an 8 out of 10 from me because it doesn’t quite reach the level of more complex fry dishes I’ve tried, but I’ll definitely come back for me.

Sampled on 8/19/2016 in Westlake Park, Seattle.

Note: I labeled these as Greek Fries. That’s probably not entirely accurate, but the feta forced my hand.