I’ve seen bottles of New York Seltzer here and there but this was my first time trying one of their flavors. It went about how I expected for a clear soda based solely on artificial flavors.

Here are the things I liked. The glass bottle is a nice size and shape. It feels great in your hand. The label looks very old timey. I’ve never been to New York, but it has the art deco feel that I associate with the Big Apple. Also, I can appreciate that the bottle contains liquid. That’s a pretty handy feature for humans that need water in order to stay hydrated. And alive.

Besides that, it wasn’t great. There’s a whole lot of carbonation which imparts a slightly bitter mineral taste. That’s muted by a restrained sweetness and mild root beer flavor. It tastes like someone dropped a few of those root beer barrel candies into a two liter of club soda. You can definitely taste that it’s there, but the sensation is gone almost immediately. You’re left with bubbles playing on your tongue and a little more of that mineral tang.

So, it’s not terrible. It could work as something to sip on during a long Powerpoint presentation. I take issue with them advertising “Natural Flavors” but not using “natural ingredients”. I give it a 5.5 out of 10 because the concept isn’t bad, but as a root beer it’s poor. I’d probably enjoy one of their fruit flavors much more.

Gifted to me by my studly brother on 8/28/2016