This was a strange experience. My kids picked this ginger ale out for me at the Root Beer Store in Lynnwood, WA. I wouldn’t have picked it up on my own accord due to one challenging characteristic. There are lots of floaters. You can see them in the picture above, and you can definitely see them in the GIF I created below:


Bruce Cost Ginger Ale comes across as an interesting brand…the sort of thing that you’d come across at a farmer’s market while eating a $5 roasted yam taco. The brand is actually a bit more commercial than I’d thought…Bruce Cost is a well known chef that used to serve fresh ginger ale in his (numerous) restaurants. The mass bottling and distribution of the ginger ale occurred within the past few years.

imgp3384Even though I rated it a 6 out of 10, this is not a bad ginger ale. It lacks the burn and bite of its ginger beer cousins, but it does carry a refreshing and clean ginger flavor. The sediment seemed unusual so I checked the expiration date…said it was still good for a couple of months. However, the photo on the website showed a pleasant rose colored beverage. Something went wrong along the way.

Sediment aside, it was nice. It contains both pomegranate and hibiscus, both of which played subtle roles. The whole beverage tasted fairly muted. There are times when that’s something I look for in a beverage, but most of the time I’m looking for a bolder flavor. I’d be willing to give the brand another try but I would hope for a more homogeneous presentation.

Sampled on 10/8/2016, purchased for $2 (?). Check out the advertised appearance vs. the actual…quite a bit different.