This was a transformative experience. Now that I’ve had carbonated Zombie blood I find myself craving other types of carbonated blood. Before this I was satisfied with non-carbonated (still) chicken, pig, and swamp monster blood but those days are passed!

After reading the label a bit closer I discovered that this is a black cherry soda…not actual blood. I reviewed a premium black cherry soda from this same brewery, and I found this version similarly agreeable.


There’s a lot of natural cherry flavor with a bit of a tart edge to it. As I’ve come to expect from Indian Wells, the sweetness level is on point. Sweet enough to trigger a dopamine reaction, but far from syrupy. I dug it.

I’d need to try both this and the special reserve to identify specific differences, but I enjoyed it about as much as the premium version. I’m going to assume that there is a difference and that the premium has a bit more nuance…but I’m not sure. They could be exactly the same for all I know. Either way, I’m settling on a 7 out of 10.


The label is fun. I like having a holiday appropriate novelty soda that tastes good. If you like cherry soda, you’ll like this…don’t be squeamish about the ghoulish marketing.

Sampled on 10/14/2016, gifted from Indian Wells Brewing Co.