Just because something is expensive doesn’t mean that it’s delicious. Similarly, just because something is affordable, it doesn’t mean it can’t be a craft soda. I really like looking at bargain bottles because occasionally you find a gem. Most of the time the sodas are just okay.

During this round of BBB I found three that were fine, but the fourth stood out. I liked the Americana Huckleberry so much I’m going to give it its own review. The other three are reviewed below with the aid of haiku.

Americana Black Cherry

Americana Black Cherry is bottled by the fine folk at Orca Beverage in Mukilteo, Washington. It looks like an old fashioned soda and has a very classy label. The Americana line of sodas has the feel and flavors of soda fountains and white paper hats. Overall, I thought the Black Cherry was good but not great. While it wasn’t medicinal like cheaper cherry sodas it also didn’t have a lot of personality own. It’s sweet, it’s cherry, and at 80 cents for the bottle it’s not a bad buy.

It’s not cough syrup
Sugary Fizz and cherry
I give it a 6


Brownie Caramel Cream Root Beer

Another throwback brand from Orca Beverage. There’s a lot of sugar in the name (brownie, caramel), and a lot of sugar in the bottle. The Root Beer store did a great write up about the history of this brand here. I’m in the minority of other root beer reviewers, but I didn’t love this one.

It’s not really a strong root beer, but the caramel is hard to miss. It reminds me of those little square caramels that kids get when they go trick or treating. Who’s handing those out? They’re at most sixth tier candies. You know, the stuff that gets eaten towards the end of the stash, if at all. I didn’t hate the soda, but it was a bit too sweet for me with too much emphasis on the caramel. Even so, not bad for 80 cents. I like a sharper root beer, this was very smooth and almost marshmallowy.

Caramel and root
Remember when you had teeth
Five point five’s not bad


Tepachito Pineapple Cider

Tepache is a Mexican beer made with pineapple. Tepachito is a a brand of soda/cider made with pineapple. Most things pineapple flavored carry a hint of overripe fruit for me. This Mexican pineapple cider was no different. The body was fairly thick with traces of spice (cinnamon?) and brown sugar. It’s okay, but tastes sticky. The label claims that it’s made from real pineapple and pineapple skin, so I’m thinking you’re not getting the best part of the fruit. Even so, at 69 cents at a liquidator shop it’s a good value on an interesting drink.

Brown sugar and skin
Earthy and sweet with spoil
Le doy un Cinco


In conclusion, this wasn’t a bad round of Bargain Bottle Brawl. None of the three listed here are bottles that I would seek out again, but they weren’t unpleasant. Discovering the Americana Huckleberry made the effort completely worthwhile.

Sampled on 10/23/2016. Tepachito purchased at Prospector Liquidators for 69 cents. Americana Black Cherry and Brownie Caramel Cream purchased at Albertson’s for 80 cents.