While on a business lunch in Seattle I discovered an intriguing mocktail menu at the Goldfinch Tavern. Mocktails are generally either delicious or an uninspired fruit punch. Either way, they’re expensive. After much deliberation I chose the mango based option, Sargeant Pepper’s.

I’m not saying this to be snarky, but I still don’t know if “sargeant” is a deliberate misspelling or just a typo. Is this some play on words that I just don’t get? Regardless of the strange name…possibly a Beatles reference, possibly just something to incorporate “pepper”…the drink was very good. You’re paying about $1 an ounce, but if someone else is picking up the tab (you know who you are) then I say go big or go home.

This tasted like a lighter version of a mango lassi with some carbonation. The mango base is rich and sweet without becoming cloying. The lime really brightens the flavor, and the black pepper syrup is an extremely clever way of subtly sweetening the drink. The pepper wasn’t aggressive and played very well as a secondary note to the other vibrant flavors.

This was refreshing, creative, and balanced. I give it anĀ 8 out of 10. That number seems right, especially since the drink costs $8 and is about 8 ounces. I also tried some french fries during the meal but I wasn’t equipped to review them (another time, I’m sure).

Sampled on 11/18/2016 at Goldfinch Tavern in Seattle (located in the Four Seasons on 1st Avenue)