I sampled this beverage as part of a blind taste test sponsored by Rocket Fizz in Seattle, WA. You can see the video of that challenge below:

I knew exactly what this was from the smell alone. The carbonation kicks up chocolate notes like Chuck Norris kicks up the wind (that’s how wind is created). I’ve wondered for a while if I would enjoy a chocolate soda and the answer turns out to be “YES!” I remember seeing a chocolate soda beverage for the first time while watching  The West Wing. President Bartlett pontificates about the seltzer, chocolate syrup, and milk concoction in one of the episodes and I’ve never forgotten it. I love that show.

I thought that a chocolate soda would taste like a fizzy watered down milkshake, but I was wrong. This chocolate soda from Rocket Fizz was smooth and nuanced with a flavor that hits different parts of your tongue in stages. There’s a prominent sweetness to it, but the chocolate body has a bit of bitterness. It’s nice. This is the all natural version that they carry. For junk food purists they also have one with artificial flavors.

I’d recommend this soda to anyone looking for something unique and well executed. My experience led me to a rating of 7 out of 10, but I could see that getting bumped up a bit in a future tasting.

I tried this soda in a blind taste test on 11/30/2016. The soda was provided by Rocket Fizz in Seattle