Not for the first time, and probably not for the last time, I’m reviewing a novelty fried item from Burger King. I’m sure that Burger King would insist that their Cheesy Tots¬†are not a novelty. Ignore them. This limited time special is definitely part of the franken-food movement, but that doesn’t mean that it’s bad. On the contrary, I thought these were pretty awesome.

Like most things in life there was good and there was bad. Burger King absolutely nailed the crunchy exterior on these tots. The texture was a lot more like a perfectly cooked hush puppy than the standard tot crust. I’d say the crust was at least twice as thick. This helps the tot hold up as a two-bite steaming pocket of potato and molten american cheese.


Here are my small criticisms. These tots probably could have reached as high as a 7.5, but I think that they needed a little bit of finesse to shatter that 7 ceiling. The american cheese was nice, but it wasn’t nearly as abundant as the advertisements lead you to believe. The potatoes lacked personality and could have used something to stand out. Besides using a higher quality potato, the addition of some scallion would have made these something special. Also, some sort of accompanying dip would have been better than plain ketchup.

From my measurements the tots had a diameter of 34mm and a depth of 22mm. My order came with eight tots for $1.99. These are significantly better than regular tater tots and a rating of 6.5 out of 10 seems fair.

Burger King got this right. French fries are awesome

Sampled on 12/9/2016 at the Burger King in Bellevue, WA