I fancy myself an internationally cultured individual. My distinguished palate and intellect uniquely position me to introduce my readers to the exotic beverages produced by Dublin Bottling Works. When you get to my level of soda experience you can almost taste the accent of the local population.


At first glance the color of this soda made me think that it would be an over-sweet gimmick, but I was surprised to find a refreshing brightness of lime balancing the generic liquid cherry flavor. I wouldn’t call this gourmet, but it was pleasant. Had their been any less lime I wouldn’t enjoy it at all, but as is I’d call it a perfectly passable beverage.

As my first experience with this far-flung brewery I walked away with a great impression. I look forward to trying their other sodas, but I’m disappointed that they no longer produce Dublin Dr. Pepper (they were legally required to discontinue the flavor due to a disagreement with the Dr. Pepper company). Fortunately there are still about a dozen flavors I can sample and educate the public about.

You know something? I might have been a little off on that whole exotic description of the brewery. I’m not great at geography, that illustration on the cap looks a whole lot like Texas, and a whole lot NOT like Ireland. Oh well. I still give the soda a 7 out of 10 on my rating scale with a lot of optimism for their other flavors. Once I get my hands on some bottles and I’ll post my reviews here.

Sampled on 2/7/2017. Purchased at The Root Beer Store in Lynnwood Washington which has since changed ownership and has a different name (but apparently no website yet).