Rogue Brewery is the type of beverage company that I’m drawn to. There’s an attitude, a culture, and a personality to their brand that permeates everything they produce. I’d describe that overarching personality as defiant. Their website (click here) gives all the insight you need about their history and mission. Fortunately for me, in addition to their interesting ciders, spirits, and beers (Dead Guy Ale being one notable entry) they also offer a couple of craft sodas. A friend gifted me a bottle of Citrus Cucumber soda for this review.


When I saw this massive bottle I was concerned that it’d be 22 ounces of carbonated spa water. There’s nothing offensive about spa water, but it’s not exactly inspiring. To my surprise, the cucumber flavor was dominant in a way that I didn’t think possible of a cucumber. It kept the drink refreshing on the palate but there was enough citrus (bitter notes, so probably citrus peel) and honey to add interesting dimensions. It still does have a spa-water body, but the flavors are bright and pronounced enough to make this a memorable beverage.

The honey isn’t cloying, the cucumber is proportionate with the citrus, and there’s plenty of carbonation to keep it alive on your tongue. Also, the massive 22 ounce bottle is fun and easy to share. I’ll give it an 8 out of 10 on my rating scale and I’ll pick up another when I find it.


I almost forgot to mention, the cucumber is grown at Rogue Farms. That’s super cool. To see future reviews of other Rogue Brewery sodas click here.

Sampled in March, provided by a friend as a gift