I’ve had a couple of sodas from the Bedford’s brand (click here to see them all). They’re pretty great. The company is Northwest Soda Works based out of Port Angeles, Washington, the line of soda is Bedford’s, and it’s actually produced by Orca Beverage (Mukilteo, Washington). The beverage world is confusing sometimes.

I found this particular bottle at the Lonesome Creek Store and RV Park next to the Quileute Oceanside Resort. Where’s that? By La Push, Washington. Where’s that? It’s Jacon Black’s home town from Twlight. Oh, were you Team Edward? My apologies, let’s try to remain civil. Twilight references aside, the northwest coast of Washington was incredible and my visit to the Olympic National Park was a perfect weekend getaway for my family.

The biggest piece of driftwood I’ve ever seen

I enjoyed my Marionberry Crème soda while tending a campfire on the beach surrounded by Giant Sequoia driftwood. The surf was big, the fire was warm, and the soda was refreshing. Marionberry is a bit like a blueberry and a bit like a raspberry. You usually find it in pies with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, and this soda really brought that feeling to the bottle. The berry flavor is pronounced at first, then rounded by the vanilla/cream flavor, and then finished with a general sparkling sweetness.

For my tastes, it’s probably a bit too sweet for a go-to soda, but I’d consider it more of a dessert drink. Maybe the soda equivalent of a port? Probably not, but you need to be in the mood for something sweet. If you’re drinking a soda then you’re probably almost there already. For me it’s an 8 out of 10 on my rating scale.


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Sampled on 6/16/2017. Purchased for $1.29