This is one of a four part series of reviews for the Ramblin’ brand. Click here the see the whole series. I feel like I gave a good history of the brand in my “Ramblin’ Root Beer” post, so click here if you want to see their origin story.  The “Ramblin’ Maple Root Beer” has a lot in common with the regular root beer but with a couple important differences.


Actually, make that one important difference. There’s a bit of maple flavor. I wasn’t in love with the regular root beer due to a shallow root flavor and an overwhelming bitterness. This had that same bitter note, but it was married with a breakfast sausage style maple flavor that did nothing to improve upon the original. I’ve had several types of maple syrup over the past year (ranging from Fancy, Grade A Medium Amber, Grade A Dark Amber, and Grade B). This tasted like none of those. It was artificial and cloying. You don’t need to be Canadian to apologize for this mess.


That was harsh. I’m sorry. It’s been a long week and I’m struggling to be charitable. Even after a deep breath and some reflection I can’t give this more than a 5.8 out of 10 on my rating scale. Thank you to Monarch Beverage for providing the sample, it just wasn’t to my liking.


Sampled July 2017. Received for free from Monarch Beverage in exchange for an honest review.