About two years ago I started curling. As in the sport of curling, not some weird physical ailment. Sharing a beer after a match is a long-held tradition. Usually the winning team buys a round for the losing team, so I’ve been on the receiving end of a lot of drink offers. Ordinarily I can just grab a soda from the bar but my league schedule includes a lot of 9pm draw times which results in 11pm end times. On a Thursday. Caffeine and sugar aren’t great ideas that late at night, so something dry but flavorful works well.


This scenario is a perfect fit forĀ Dry Sparkling sodas. The bottles are elegant, the flavors are unique and interesting, and they’re crisply carbonated with just a little bit of sweetness. I brought a bottle of the Serrano Pepper variety to my latest match and found a lot to love.


I’ll get to what I like, but first there’s something I didn’t. The label says that it’s “Spicy, Bright, and Savory.” It’s definitely bright, and it’s not sweet (so I guess that makes it savory), but it’s not at all spicy. I get some distinct Serrano pepper flavor but there’s no burn to it at all. It’s a pretty neat effect. While I sipped the bottle I thought the flavor would pair incredibly well with seafood. The dryness wouldn’t disturb other flavors in a meal, and the serrano could help enhance some spice profiles. Probably.

50 calories won’t set you back much

So, I liked it a lot, but it’s a special purpose beverage. I’m going to give it a 7.3 out of 10 for executing the Serrano flavor really well, but I can’t go much higher on my rating scale due to the simplicity of the beverage and how likely I am to go back for it. To see other reviews of Dry Sparkling flavors, click here. This variety is available for a limited time.

Sampled 10/2017, gifted from my daughter on a grocery shopping trip with my wife.