Today I continued my exploration of the Curious Elixirs catalog with Elixir No. 2. This was described as a marriage between a spicy pineapple margarita and a dark and stormy. Maybe not a natural beverage to celebrate Christmas Eve, but why not? It sounded like a nice contrast to the fancy cheese and salami that I snacked on all afternoon.

I’ve tried several mocktails from Curious Elixirs now. Here’s a link to those previous reviews. All of these drinks have been outstanding, even if the specific flavor profiles weren’t my personal favorites. Based on the ingredient list I was pretty confident that Curious Elixirs No. 2 was going to speak my love language. Pineapple, orange, and lime juice pointed to the margarita theme. The addition of ancho chili and jalapeno extract sounded exciting. Ginger, however, leans more towards the dark and stormy family and I was concerned that it would clash. I had never heard of damiana (a Mayan herb known for relaxation effects, not to mention aphrodisiac properties).

I salted the rim of a tumbler, poured the drink over a large cube of ice (mine came in a can, but I think it’s usually in a bottle), and I finished it off with a squeeze and decorative wedge of lime. This mocktail was awesome! The bright citrus notes, the pleasant tingle of the jalapeno and chili, and the warmth of the ginger played really nicely together. If nothing else, they all had a different impact on the flavor timing of the drink. It evolved on your palette as you drank it, and it made a perfect sipping beverage while I unwrapped some presents with the kids and helped get dinner on the table.

I highly recommend Curious Elixirs No. 2. If you’re building a variety pack and aren’t sure of what to get, I would describe this one as one of the more mainstream and easy to enjoy varieties. Just to remind my audience, Curious sent me a box of these drinks for free with the hope that I would write a review about my experience with them. I’m not getting paid for this, and my opinions are my own.