Irish Poutine at an Irish pub. Yes. The Owl N’ Thistle nailed it.
Their “appetizer” comes with thick cut fries, thick brown gravy, Dubliner cheese, and green onions. I had a moment of brilliance and asked if they could put corned beef on it. They’d never thought about it, but made it happen. Obviously, this was a massive calorie hit but it was fantastic.
Without the corned beef I would have been overwhelmed by the gravy and cheese, but altogether it worked. The fries were cooked well; slightly bitter from the amount of skins left on but you knew you were eating potatoes. The gravy was was essential to season the fries. The cheese stayed melty and was a nice alternative to curds. The corned beef was delicious. When you get a forkful of all that together you’ll think that thanksgiving had a one night stand with St. Patrick’s day. It was about $12 with the addition of the corned beef. Worth it.  An obvious 8.5 out of 10.
This would probably be best enjoyed with a beverage…good thing you’re in a pub. I wonder if they’ll add the corned beef version to the menu?
Sampled on 5/17/2016