Short Rib Poutine – 8oz Burger & Co (Capitol Hill location). This dish is slightly misnamed. You can find short ribs if you look hard enough, but it seems more like short-rib gravy poutine. I couldn’t find a piece of meat wider than a toothpick, nor longer than a inch.

Given that introduction, the poutine was really tasty! It was absolutely suffocated in gravy, but it was one of the best brown gravies I’ve ever had. Not too salty, a little creamy…a thing of beauty. They used mozzarella for the cheese and I don’t object. It got pretty stringy as it cooled, though. It was probably a fresh mozzarella because it was nicely melted in large chunks.

I did have a problem with the fries, though. Advertised as Kennebec fries (a premium frying potato) they just seemed undercooked and overly starchy. Another 30 seconds in the fryer would have helped. However, with the amount of gravy these were soaked in it might not have made a difference. As is there was no defining texture of the dish other than “soft”. At $12 it wasn’t a  bargain, but I feel like it still deserves an 8 out of 10. Despite the texture problems, I enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone looking for a good Seattle poutine. The burger menu looked legit, too.

I might have to go back and resample, because I think this could have easily been a 9, or even a 9.5. Oh yeah, and beautiful presentation!

Sampled on 5/23/2016 t the Capitol Hill location.