RN74 is a fancy pants french restaurant in Seattle that has somewhat reasonable lunch prices (if you have a company credit card). Even if you don’t have the company card it’s still probably worth splurging every now and then.

One of the best deals on the menu, and one of the best fries I’ve ever had, are the Duck Fat Fries. These are generously cut (not a steak fry, but about two McDonald’s fries together), fried in a traditional oil, then tossed in rendered duck fat infused with garlic & rosemary, parsley, and salt. They provide three dipping sauces (house made ketchup, tartar, and dijonnaise). I loved everything about them.


The fries were obviously cooked to order, and had a garlic cloud coming off the plate. I like that. Not as overwhelming as the garlic fries at Safeco Field, but enough to spice up the potatoes. The duck fat gives a hearty depth to the potato, and the rosemary compliments that rustic feel.

All three sauces were wonderful. The ketchup was brinier than most I’ve had (almost tasted like a pickle), the tartar was well balanced, and the dijonnaise makes you forget that you’re eating mayonnaise with mustard in it. Bravo.

Coming in a little under $7 for the side these are a must try in Seattle if you’re into high-end frites. I give them an 8 out of 10 which is pretty damn high for a “plain” french fry.

Sampled on 7/13/2016