If you’re looking for an example of a generic, but good, french fry look no further. McDonald’s has been putting these bad boys out for decades and will continue to decimate the world’s potato production for the foreseeable future.

Disclaimer, I don’t regularly eat at McDonald’s. I actually almost never eat at McDonald’s (maybe once every few years). It’s not that I don’t eat fast food, I just don’t care for the golden arches. Even so, I liked these fries.

Yeah, I did! They were hot, they were well seasoned, they were crispy, and they had a little bit of savory depth. I heard a rumor that they use some sort of beef flavoring in the fry oil (they used to use beef tallow, but not anymore), so that could account for it. Once the fries cooled down they weren’t nearly as good, but for a fast food fry it’s going to be hard to improve.

The McDonald’s I visited was on 3rd Ave downtown. While I was at another store waiting for a different order someone said “Oh, you actually went into McStabby’s??” 3rd Ave has a reputation. The worst thing that happened to me was they forgot my ketchup.

I give these fries a 5.5 out of 7. Remember that for special presentations you can go above that ceiling of 7, but for a standard fry a 7/7 would be perfection. I think these could have been a bit thicker, a bit more consistent, have a little more of a “potato” flavor, and good grief…give me some ketchup.

Sampled on 7/13/2016 (National French Fry Day). $3.29 for a large.