Most french fries are good. That’s the truth. You’re adding oil to starch and throwing in some salt for good measure. They’re filling, and comforting, and bad enough for you that they taste great.

Can you have bad fries? Sure. But they’re generally still edible. My opinion of what makes a fry bad is subjective, but in my reviews I punish fries for being limp, under-seasoned, and under-cooked. There are other ways to bother me as well, but those are the basics. Dick’s french fries are a good example (see my review, once I post it).  Even though I scored them low, I still enjoy them. I’m just honest about how well they’re executed.

So what’s a good fry? Think of McDonald’s. Actually, don’t just think about it, go to the link for my review.


And what’s a great fry? Check out what RN74 is doing with the humble potato in this review. You not only get an exponentially better fry, you’re also getting a better value for your dollar (based on volume of fries and sauces).


There’s more than one way to skin a potato, and once you introduce, chili, cheese, curry, gravy, etc. the possibilities really open up. For a standard french fry my perfect score is 7/7. For dishes that elevate the traditional side I’m willing to go higher than 7/7 (extra credit). Check out my reviews of poutine for some examples of what can be achieved.

Please send me recommendations if there’s something out there that you really enjoy. Cheers.