Like most things Canadian, this brand of root beer comes complete with an obvious misspelling. There are 33% too many letters in the last word. Give me a break.

However, also like most things Canadian, I really enjoyed this root beer. While a 7.5 out of 10 may seem low I think that this is a solid beverage. My problem is that in the larger world of root beers this particular brand does not have a whole lot to set itself apart. It’s just good.

This root beer falls into the creamy/vanilla family and is a smooth drinker. It has a beautiful dark caramel color, it smells good, and has a very mild bite. This style of root beer is my wife’s favorite, so if you enjoy vanilla dominant brews this one should match up pretty well.

The Pop Shoppe sodas are widely available in Canada (Canadian Costco sells them), but I picked this one up at Rocket Fizz in Seattle. I’m so used to foreigners hating root beer I hadn’t considered the possibility of international brands. Welcome to the blog, Canada!

In the end, I’d happily drink this again. I lean towards sharper root beers with a bit more bite and a bit less sugar, but this would be popular at a friendly social gathering. Be friendly, have a social gathering, invite Canadians, and impress them with your Pop Shoppe Root Beer.

Sampled on 7/15/2016, purchased at Rocket Fizz in Seattle