Expectation: these were going to be over-salty, kind of gummy, and taste like fake cheese.

Experience: they were salty, kind of gummy, tasted like fake cheese, and I liked them. This is a food that must be accepted for what it is… bizarre junk-food fusion. It’s fun, it hits the right primal taste triggers, and I give them a 7 out of 10. I’d eat them again, but wouldn’t go out of my way.

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The location I went to did not use the cool promo box, but the product was the same. I enjoyed the crispy crust, wasn’t surprised by the overcooked elbow macaroni, and wasn’t disappointed by the fake cheese sauce (which had mostly absorbed into the noodles).

Do they taste like Cheetos? I guess, but they’ll remind you more of Cheezits, or goldfish crackers. The texture is similar to a crusted mac and cheese but using crackers instead of breadcrumbs. They’re really not bad, and they’re fun. I’m not gonna hate.

Warning, I had to visit two locations to find them. Bonus, I discovered that Burger King carries Dr. Pepper milkshakes. The night was a total win.