¡Hola guanacos! Some of you know that I used to live in Honduras, which happens to be a neighboring country to El Salvador. I had, and have, several friends from El Salvador that raved about  this soda. It wasn’t easy to find in Honduras so I don’t think I ever tried it while I was there, but back in the states I’ve come across it a couple times in pupuserías. If you don’t know what a pupusería is you’ll have a bit more homework to do after this post.

Cola Champagne looks like liquid gold and at face value appears to be a step up from the Jarritos you’ll usually find in the cooler of a taco truck. It even has champagne in the name! Does it taste like champagne? I don’t know! I’ve never had champagne. This might not shock you, but the guy running a website dedicated to non-alcoholic beverages doesn’t drink.

At the risk of alienating my guanaco friends, I don’t love this soda. It’s extremely sweet, and has no specific standout flavor. If I was going to describe it as anything I’d say that it’s a carbonated version of a melted snow cone. I’ve heard others say that it tastes like bubble gum. I can accept that. If you love bubble gum ice cream you’d like this.

I already said I don’t like it, but I also don’t hate it. Overly sweet sodas somehow seem appropriate for greasy/spicy food. Banana soda is more nostalgic for me, though. I give this a 6 out of 10. *ducks*

Purchased and sampled at Nuevo Amanecer in Mill Creek, Washington on 7/23/2016.