Zaina has three locations in the Seattle area; Downtown, Lake City, and Aurora. I visited the Downtown location by Pike Place Market, so I can only speak to the quality there (so far). I first discovered this place by spotting this sign while walking around the area:


I thought, “that looks generic and underwhelming”. Obviously the actual product differs GREATLY from the stock advertising vinyl. The gyro fries come served with a generous bed of fries (nothing special), a portion of kronos gyro meat, tzatziki  sauce, hummus or tahini, feta, parsley, pickled garlic (?), hot chili sauce, paprika, and other mystery spices. It’s beautiful. And for $8.99 it’s a total steal.


It’s enough food to satisfy two people who want a decent snack, or if you’re a pig like me you’ll eat this yourself for lunch.

Like I said, the fries themselves aren’t very special. I saw them fried to order in a table top fryer. Generic food service fries. However, the sauces and protein are delicious and class up the dish. I tasted a lot of lemon throughout the components, and I agree with a recent food critic I heard on the radio recently. Lemon makes almost everything better. Every bite was delicious and it completely compensated for the mediocre french fries.

This was my second time ordering these fries. My first visit was actually the inspiration for doing french fry reviews. You can check out that review on my public facebook album here. The last time I got it it had Armenian pickles, which I loved, but it was fine without them. I also bumped up my rating to a 9 out of 10. Definitely my favorite greek style fries.

Sampled on 7/25/2016 and 12/22/2015