This was another soda that might have done better had it not been for its involvement in a blind tasting. Granted, it did much better than the Pistachio Creme.

My disgust was mostly due to the fact that I had no idea what I was tasting. I believe that our bodies are wired to reject unidentifiable elements. Having a blindfold on just increased that natural reaction and amplified any unpleasantness I encountered. Also, since I tasted this right after the Pistachio Creme nightmare my body was probably on high alert.

There were some things to like about this one. Once again, the level of sweetness was great. Rocket Fizz uses real cane sugar to flavor the drink, but they don’t overdo it. Once I knew what I was drinking I could taste the cucumber…same way you taste cucumber in the water at a spa. It’s there, but it’s not in your face. However, when you combine that with the the slight bitterness from the carbonation and then the other flavors they introduced there were some strange results.


I described it as an acetone flavor (nail-polish remover). I wonder if my brain equates cucumber water with nail salons? Thinking about it more critically I believe it’s more likely a concentration of the cucumber skin that lingers on the palate. It’s bitter, it’s strange, and I didn’t enjoy the final half of the sip. Moldy bread is a little harsh. Moldy orange isn’t right either. It tastes like cucumber, but it takes the spa water experience a step further. In my opinion, it’s a step too far. I give it a 4 out of 10.

I did like the color, though. Also, thank you to the Rocket Fizz in Seattle for providing the beverages. I was a little worried that I’d get something booger flavored. If these are as bad as it gets then I got off easy.


Sampled on 10/9/2016, provided by Rocket Fizz in Seattle