Anything worth reviewing is worth reviewing twice, right? I initially posted my review of Mamnoon’s Harra Frites back in October of 2016 but due to the technical deficiencies of the the blog’s creator it was mysteriously deleted from the site. I’m back-posting this rewrite for your enjoyment. More likely than not the universe just wanted to remind me of how beautiful these fries really are.


Have you ever seen a better looking french fry? I didn’t think so. Apparently I didn’t have my fry calipers with me that day but I’d say it’s about a 9-10mm Kennebec potato slice fried to a perfect sunset gold. Each spear is individually dusted with cayenne, aleppo, cilantro, and salt by angels with thinly sliced fresno peppers delicately garnishing the dish. Let’s take one more look.


I know exactly what you’re thinking. Could this possibly get any better? Call your spiritual advisor..the answer is a resounding YES!!! These fries come with not one, but two glorious dipping options. Mamnoon provides an aioli with wild thyme, sumac and lemon as well as a “ketchup” with tomato paste, pepper paste, and cumin. Try them individually, then try them together, and the contrast of mild sweetness, heat, and earthy richness will alter your consciousness to a state of total enlightenment.

I know I’m over the top, but seriously, these are awesome fries. Giving them a 9 out of 10 on my rating scale is a serious compliment, especially considering the fact that these are “plain” fries without any sort of cheese or protein accoutrements. I stand by this rating because of how perfectly these fries are cooked and how uniformly and uniquely they’re seasoned. There’s a firm and discernible crust, the interior is soft and nutty, and they’re a perfect snack or compliment to a meal.


Speaking of meals, I recommend trying their other options as well. Mamnoon currently has two locations in the Seattle area with slightly different menus, but you can’t go wrong at either. For this review I visited the South Lake Union location known as “Mamnoon Street.” It’s somewhat of a walk-up service, that there’s also some seating inside. Their other spot on Capitol Hill is a more traditional restaurant set-up, but they both serve elegantly prepared middle-eastern comfort food.

I swear by their falafel. It’s outstanding. However, I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve tried and I have little doubt that you’ll feel the same way.


Sampled on 10/21/2017. The order of frites cost about $6 and was worth every penny