One of three sodas I tasted during a blindfolded challenge, the Rocket Fizz Cinnamon Soda was a pleasant surprise. The wave of cinnamon aromatics on my first smell was shocking but both of us enjoyed the flavor. Check out the video here:

It was obvious that the dominant flavor was cinnamon. Just in case Rocket Fizz got a little cute with the flavoring I also guessed Red Hots and Cinnamon Bears…I shouldn’t have bothered. It smelled like cinnamon, it tasted like cinnamon, and by golly, it was cinnamon.

This soda won’t change your philosophical beliefs about Keynesian vs Classical economics, but it’s a spicy soda with a good amount of cane sugar that was a pleasure to drink. I could see this being fun to mix into a holiday assortment of beverages. I’m not going to leave work early to pick up a six pack, but I’d drink it again if it was around. A 6.5 out of 10 seems reasonable. I’m gonna call it an “Other Soda” because it doesn’t quite seem to fit into novelty.

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Sampled on 10/21/2016 during a Blind Taste Test, gifted by Rocket Fizz, Seattle