My adorable kids took another swing at soda reviews. This time they wanted to try some sodas that were sent to me by one of Rocket Fizz‘s brewers. The line of beverages is pretty fun; they’re all cake and pie based. Here are the Junior Tasters sampling Strawberries and Cream and Birthday Cake Soda.

I tried the sodas as well and have a few more adjectives to add to the Junior Tasters’ review.

Birthday Cake Soda

imgp3753By color alone I thought that this would taste like pure sugar water. I wasn’t too far off, but there was actually some interesting nuance once you let it sit on your tongue a bit. By nuance I mean sprinkles. It tastes like sprinkles. And frosting. And…dare I say…box cake. Wow, this was true to advertised!

The question comes down to whether or not drinking birthday cake is a better experience than eating birthday cake. Truthfully, I don’t care for either, but I’ll give the soda a lot of credit for achieving its flavor objective. If you love birthday cake and heaping mounds of frosting then you’ll probably like this soda. Have at it. I have a heart of stone and will only give it a 6 out of 10.


Strawberries and Cream Soda

imgp3756This was a little more up my alley. Almost everything strawberry flavored that I’ve ever had has either tasted watered down or sno-cone artificial. For me, this one landed somewhere in the middle. Strawberry is something that just seems to work better in smoothies or mixed with other stronger flavors. They’re delicious, but I think the flavor dissipates quickly in the juicing and preserving process.

That’s enough complaining about strawberries. We all know that they’re good. Here’s what really stood out to me about this soda. The “cream” flavor wasn’t just a typical vanilla added to the drink. This legitimately tasted like whipped cream. I loved how it finished the drink. The whole thing was very smooth and pleasant. I’m not going to go out and buy a six pack, but I liked it a bit more than the Birthday Cake. For me, it’s a 6.5 out of 10.


While not world class flavors, these sodas are fun. They’re worth trying, and I’m looking forward to sampling the rest of the line.

Sampled on 10/30/2016, product received as a gift from Indian Wells Brewery