I sampled this beverage as part of a blind taste test sponsored by Rocket Fizz in Seattle, WA. You can see the video of that challenge below:

I didn’t even come close on this one. For starters, I believe that the banana flavor is subtle. Even after discovering what the intended flavor was, I still couldn’t taste a whole lot of banana. If nothing else I suppose it might taste like a banana that was baked into banana bread, but without the spices of banana bread. Does that make sense? Probably not.

While I couldn’t detect it blindfolded, I think that the underlying flavor in the beverage is the nut. I’m not sure if that’s walnut or pecan or pistachio, it was just sort of a generic “nut” body. It wasn’t unpleasant but also wasn’t anything I’d write home about. I’ve had some awful nut flavored beverages but this didn’t have the off-putting aftertaste I’ve experienced before.


In full context I give this a 6 out of 10. Among so many other interesting soda flavors at Rocket Fizz the Banana Nut just doesn’t really stand out.

Sampled in a blind taste test on 11/30/2016. Product supplied by Rocket Fizz in Seattle, WA