Sometimes I’m drawn to pretty bottles like a moth to a light bulb. A pretty bottle doesn’t guarantee a phenomenal soda, but it almost always guarantees a premium price. Galvanina Cola comes in a stunning bottle with raised lettering. In this case, the soda was both at a premium price and also pretty decent!


There’s not a lot of information online regarding this soda maker. Wikipedia tells us a little about the import and distribution logistics. The Galvanina website is mostly in Italian which doesn’t do me a whole lot of good. Long story short, it’s an Italian company that sells mineral water and fruit juice sodas, including this cola.

I thought the cola was a bit more fruity and significantly smoother than most colas I’ve had. The flavor starts off very pleasant with a hint of whats might be wild cherry bark (but is probably just a fruit juice blend). However, the soda ends generically sweet without nearly the nuance of the first impression. I enjoyed it, wouldn’t mind drinking it again, and am in love with their bottle design. I give it a 6.5 out of 10.


Sampled in November 2016, purchased at Choices Market in Vancouver, BC.