Do I spend a lot of time at Rachel’s Ginger Beer? I think that the evidence in this blog would point to yes. To my credit, I put in a little extra effort a cold day to hike up Capitol Hill to their 12th Ave location. I then proceeded to replenish those lost calories with a delicious basket of fries from Sunset Fried Chicken Sandwiches located in the same space.


I’m a big fan of Rachel’s seasonal flavors. The original flavors are also awesome, but when I see anything with Honeycrisp apples I’ll make a special trip. I loved their Spiced Honeycrisp Ginger Beer¬†and suspected that the addition of pomegranate couldn’t hurt my opinion.

The color of this ginger beer was a very appealing pastel rose. The smell was a familiar wave of citrus, and the initial tartness was identical to many of the other varieties that I’ve tried. Compared to the Spiced Honeycrisp I last sampled this had a much more muted sweet apple flavor and was driven more by the tart pomegranate. There were certainly a couple layers of flavor, but all in all this reminded me of a beautiful holiday punch.


In short, yes, I thoroughly enjoyed this seasonal variety. I liked it enough to give it a 9 out of 10. I highly recommend stopping by to try this before they change to something else. Even better, grab an order of fries to go along with it and enjoy the beautiful ambiance of the 12th Ave. location.

Sampled on 12/12/2016, $11 to refill my small growler