Normal people don’t ride elevators 500 feet to eat fries in a revolving restaurant. I’m not a normal person and even I don’t do that (usually). ¬†However, I had a buy one get one couple at the SkyCity restaurant at the top of the Seattle Space Needle and I can’t turn down that kind of value.


What a view! My reservation for lunch came with complimentary entry to the Space Needle observation deck. I used the 10 minutes before the restaurant opened to peruse the perimeter and take in the 360 view of Seattle. Lake Union, Elliott Bay, the Olympic Mountains, and the downtown skyscrapers are inspiring scenery from the perch of Seattle’s historic vision of the future. If it wasn’t so bone chilling cold I could have stayed out there for hours.

I was seated shortly before dying of hypothermia (you don’t have to stand outside, but I chose to) and took a quick look at the lunch menu. The open faced dungeness crab melt caught my eye but it didn’t come with fries. So I ordered some fries to go along with it. They’re advertised as steak seasoned fries, but what I noticed was mostly a light dusting of salt with specks of pepper. The fries are thin (about 7mm) and fried well. They’re uninspiring, but a comforting and familiar side. They won’t disappoint you, but I can’t give them anything over a 6 out of 10¬†due to a lack of any real personality. There’s nothing wrong with them, but they’re certainly not a standout.

I’ll tell what is a standout…the view. The restaurant rotates giving you a constantly changing panarama of Seattle’s skyline. I loved my lunch and look forward to coming back. It had been at least 20 years since the last time I visited. My next visit will be much sooner.


Sampled on 12/13/2016. I have no idea what the fries cost, but my entree was $34. For a list of fun facts about the Space Needle click here.