Nothing sounded appealing about Ranch Dressing Soda. Rocket Fizz sells a lot of novelty sodas, many of which are surprisingly tasty. Ranch Dressing Soda was not surprising. It was horrible. However, it was an essential element in my “Tom Brady Mocktail“. Check out the video below:

I didn’t provide a lot of details about the flavor in the video, so here’s the full scoop:

The soda smells like old socks stuffed with gorgonzola cheese, or what I like to call “locker room cannoli”. The sweetness from the cane sugar is essential to get the first sip into your mouth because it convinces your lips that there’s something desirable in the glass. It’s a lie. The taste is very similar to the smell…old socks stuffed with cheese.


If this is how your ranch dressing tastes, throw it out. I mostly tasted spoiled dairy. There’s very little (if any) presence of herbs or other flavorings. It’s atrocious. Truthfully, a 1.5 out of 10 on my rating scale might be generous.

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Sampled on 1/29/2017, purchased at Rocket Fizz in Seattle for $2.20