I had a consultation a few months ago regarding a potential jaw surgery. One side of my jaw grew more than the other which created an alignment issue. It all happened gradually enough that I didn’t notice until I’d achieved a Quasimodo aesthetic. I bring this up because the remedy for my weird face is a major surgery involving breaking multiple bones in my jaw, grafting bone from my hip, and going on a liquid diet for a couple of months. How do you enjoy your favorite foods when you can’t eat solids? Rocket Fizz has a solution.

I sampled this soda as part of my “Tom Brady Mocktail” post. The mocktail is disgusting, but the Buffalo Wing Soda doesn’t carry the full blame. Take a look at my video for the beverage combination here:

I found the Buffalo Wing Soda to be mostly sweet, like a lot of buffalo wing sauce can be, but with a faint presence of cayenne/paprika underneath. The buffalo flavor isn’t strong. It’s more like club soda infused with a buffalo wing (an actual buffalo wing, not buffalo wing sauce) with maybe a splash of vinegar.

Does that sound good to you? If you said yes, you’re a weird individual. It sounds bad, and it is bad. If I ever do go forward with my jaw surgery this is not what I’ll grab to satisfy any cravings. I give it a 3 out of 10 on my rating scale. That might seem pretty high, but I’ve tried a lot of worse things.

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Sampled on 1/29/2017, purchased at Rocket Fizz in Seattle for $2.20