Q Drinks is a beverage company that got its start by taking a simple product (tonic water) and making it the best they could. From their perspective, it was insane to mix super-premium expensive spirits with generic grocery store generic tonic water. They saw an opportunity to improve the water, the quality of the quinine, and even the aesthetic of the bottle. Thus it began. They currently produce 4 standalone sodas and 2 mixing sodas (tonic water and club soda). You can see my reviews for the rest of their products by clicking here.


Their take on ginger ale aims at solving the same original problem as their tonic water. They got rid of the high-fructose corn syrup and replaced it with organic agave from Mexico. They sourced fresh ginger from southeast Asia. To add additional depth and character they include hints of coriander, cardamom, cayenne, orange peel, and rose oil. Put on your big boy pants, this is a complicated soda.

This is a beverage I’d be happy to sip along with a nice meal or at a social event. I found the flavors to be crisp, snappy, and deep. The spices add a depth to the ginger ale that pricks your taste buds in a rolling tour of earthiness and heat. The rose oil and orange peel add some fragrance that strikes your olfactory through the bright bubbles of the carbonation. It’s a spicy, slightly dry ginger ale, but if you sip and savor it you’ll probably survive. This is an 8.5 out of 10 on my rating scale.

Personally, I’d prefer cane sugar over agave. I find the mouth feel a little smoother with the cane sugar. However, the beautiful bottle adds back any points I might have taken away for the choice of sweetener. The tear drop shape is stunning, and I appreciate the silhouette of the leaves and branches.


Sampled in February 2017. Product provided complimentary from Q Drinks in return for an honest review.