I’ve found that the best way to experience new things is to have someone else pay. It increases perspective, decreases inhibition, and satisfies my inner cheapskate. This review is dedicated to my sister who bought me a gift card to Bluewater Distilling in Everett.

Surprisingly, I don’t frequent a lot of distilleries. It’s something about the feng shui, or lighting, or the fact that their business is producing alcohol. This was one classy joint, though! The public space is divided between a tasting room (with event space) and a cocktail bar with restaurant seating. There’s a hip maritime theme with a bit of steampunk flair. It’s a nice place to spend an afternoon while enjoying an rainy day outside of an Everett marina.


I came for the food but stayed for a mocktail. My plan was to coast through lunch on water but the waitress took the liberty to describe their non-alcoholic options (not on the menu) including Bundaberg Root Beer, Cock ‘N Bull Ginger Beer, and a variety of mocktail variations of their regular cocktail menu. She was persuasive. Ultimately I was pushed towards the Maritime Mule.


They omit the vodka and alter the proportions of lime and ginger beer. It sounded delicious and looked incredible as well.


Are the mason jar cocktail glasses played out? Probably, but Bluewater’s classy silhouette logo adds enough sophistication to see past it. More importantly, the drink tasted awesome. At first sip you get a real appreciation for the strawberry puree, then the bright lime juice cuts the sweetness while the gingery carbonation from the Cock ‘N Bull provides a lingering warmth. It’s like a freckled lemonade from your neighborhood Red AppleRobinBee’s but more expensive and delicious.


Like I said, I came for the food. The wife and I probably overdid it in that department but everything we ordered was fantastic. We tried their beet salad, the charcuterie plate (basically a grown-up lunchable), the fish tacos, and a smoked salmon chowder. Take a look.

I guess I didn’t get a picture of the chowder. You get the idea. It’s fancy stuff. I ended up blowing through my gift card and spending a decent amoun out of pocket, but the thinly shaved cured beef in the charcuterie dish was worth it by itself. So good!


Get your backside up to north Everett and stop by Bluewater Distillery! If you like to drink, then drink. If you don’t like to drink, then eat. I give the Maritime Mule a solid 8.6 out of 10 on my rating scale and I’m curious to see where their other concoctions might land.

Sampled on 2/18/2017, the mocktail was $8