Ginger Beer is a slightly deceptive description for this beverage. While it has the assertive ginger punch of other brand in the category it doesn’t share some other key characteristics. For one, nearly all other ginger beers carry a fairly high level of sweetness to balance the ginger heat. Q Ginger Beer comes in dry relying on a small amount of agave as the only sweetener. It turns out that this is by design.


Q Ginger Beer was designed as a mixer. According to the Q Drinks website the company began with a focus on creating high quality mixers for cocktails. That started with a premium tonic water, but they later expanded to other products. I sampled their ginger ale and thought it had a phenomenal balance between sweetness, heat, and other spice flavors. I expected the ginger beer to be similar but with a bit more emphasis on the heat. That’s true, but with an increase of carbonation and a decrease in sweetener it tasted bitter and peppery without a sugary payoff.

I feel like I gave enough of a disclaimer. For what it is, the Q Ginger Beer is pretty awesome. The ginger flavor is bold and fresh, there’s a ton of carbonation (to help it stand up to spirits in a cocktail), and there’s some subtle spicing of lime, coriander, cardamom, and chili peppers that create some layers of flavor. If you want something to drink on its own, go for the Q Ginger Ale, if you want something to mix with something else, you could do much worse than this ginger beer.

As a standalone soda I’m going to give this a 7 out of 10 on my rating scale. Feel free to scour the internet to see how it fares with some actual mixologists. To see my reviews of other Q Drinks click here.


Sampled in February 2017. Product provided complimentary by Q Drinks in exchange for an honest review.