If you’ve followed my blog for any length of time you’ve seen a review or two of Rachel’s Ginger Beer. If you’re new to the site click here to see what I’ve tried in the past. They have a handful of permanent flavors of fresh ginger beer and then some rotating seasonal brews. I’m a big fan of the brand and highly recommend visiting their Pike Place Market location if you find yourself a tourist in the Emerald City. They have a location on Capitol Hill as well and a brand new spot in Portland, too. Portland’s weird.


This is one of the most healthy tasting ginger beers I’ve had from Rachel’s Ginger Beer. The carrot juice is clearly pronounced and rides the taste buds at the front of your tongue. The tangerine flavor is dull but provides enough nuance to the citrus differentiate it from the regular lemon juice. Turmeric has an earthy and deep quality to it that sits on the palate giving the impression that you’ve done something good for your body. It’s not as earthy as ginseng, but it’s in the same family of flavors. The dirt family.

The color is a beautiful sunset orange.The ginger is fresh and fierce. It won’t burn your ┬ámouth off but it’ll warm your tonsils for a few minutes after you’ve put down your glass. There’s enough sugary sweetness to erase any health benefit from the fresh and natural juices, but you could do much worse. Most importantly, it’s tart and refreshing.


An 8.2 out of 10 seems fair for this one. It’s not my favorite that they’ve put out, but certainly worthy of a seasonal feature. Get some.

Sampled in February of 2017. The 32 ounce growler was about $12