The Friendly Toast checks all the boxes that you’d expect from a millennial-friendly brunch spot. $13 avocado toast, massive lines, nostalgic interior decorating…it’s the real deal. They have several locations around the Boston area but we visited their spot in the Back Bay neighborhood.


I didn’t need fries with my brunch, and I honestly didn’t really want them. Or at least I didn’t want them any more than I usually want fries. What I’m saying is that I have a constant craving deep within me. It’s such a regular thing that I don’t even notice it. For a a craving to really tip the needle I need to be desperate for some fries, but that wasn’t the case today. Today I wanted breakfast, but I did my duty to the readers of this blog (all twelve of you) and I ordered a plate of Cheesy Fries.



There were several french fry dishes to choose from. The strawberry-habanero jam is what pushed me to the Cheesy Fries. I’m actually not sure that there was cheddar on the fries (either a white cheddar or a mozzarella), but the blue cheese worked much better than I thought it would. Either way, the combination of cheeses along with the sweet heat of the strawberry-habanero jam were pretty great together. You get a funk from the blue-cheese, a creaminess from the blanket of white cheese, some crispy starch from the fries, and then sweet jam with a tingle of heat. They’re hitting a lot of different notes here.


The fries themselves were unremarkable, but they held up up the layer of cheese well enough. Since it was just a layer of melted cheese (and not a cheese sauce) the dish required your prompt attention. The second half was a bit of a clumpy ordeal. Overall, I really enjoyed it and feel that a 7.2 out of 10 on my rating scale is appropriate. I’d be curious to taste their other fry variations as well.

While it has nothing to do with french fries, I will say that my shakshuka was delicious. Shakshuka is an spicy tomato based breakfast stew served with poached eggs. Friendly Toast also added some goat cheese. You usually see this with challah bread, but my thick cut white toast worked well.



Visited on 10/28/2018