There’s a lot to like about the Green Bee soda company out of Brunswick Maine. This is one of the new wave of anti-soda soda companies out there which find success in a market looking for fizzy drinks without the guilt of sugar or artificial sweeteners. Green Bee uses honey (and other natural ingredients) to flavor their beverages which is probably a healthier choice. I truly don’t know.


I came across their brand while snooping around a Whole Foods in Arlington, Massachusetts. I flew across the country for a birthday party. A 105th birthday party. My great-great grandma refuses to quit so we try to make it out for her birthday when we can. These were the first sodas I didn’t recognize in the drink aisle so I agonized for 5 minutes over which of their varieties I should buy. Blueberry, lemon, or ginger…I ultimately chose blueberry.

Had I chosen any of the other varieties this would probably be a more favorable review. As it is, the blueberry dream just didn’t impress me too much. The blueberry flavor is light, most likely because it’s natural. Honey is a much more dominant flavor. I enjoy honey, but for whatever reason I often find it off-putting in a soda. This wasn’t gross at all, but I’d call it “mild”. Had the blueberry flavor been enhanced by the honey rather than muted I might have liked it more. Would a bit of salt help? Maybe. There’s also a bit of ginger in here but it didn’t really come through. Should I just try the ginger and lemon flavors? Probably. The blueberry for me is just a 6.5 out of 10 on my rating scale.

If you come cross the Green Bee brand, please pick some up. You might like the blueberry, or we all might love the others. They also have sparkling waters that are unsweetened which could also satisfy those that have no interest in sugar, honey, or any other sweetener.

Found at Whole Foods in Arlington Massachusetts in October 2018