About 7 years ago I visited a food truck called Falafel Salam and reviewed their garlic fries. I posted that review here, but to summarize, I was pretty happy with what they offered. Falafel Salam is still around, but have added a stationary restaurant in addition to the food truck. I made the journey over to West Seattle recently to get my fix of falafel and sides.

First, I’d like to apologize for my previous review where I said that these were Greek. Falafel Salam is a Middle-Eastern concept with an Israeli focus. We can all agree that feta is delicious, but I should be more careful about my generalizations. Either way, the fries have changed quite a bit over the last 7 years. For starters, these were more traditionally cut fries instead of the half-moons that I had before. I think they were Yukon golds before, but now they’re russets. The fries were piping hot, crispy, and a very generous portion. If I’m going to be critical, I’d say that there was potentially too much garlic sauce and too little feta. I didn’t mind the fries being smothered in garlic sauce, but others at the table were a bit overwhelmed. Feta was sparse, so at a minimum we could have used a bit more of that. These are pretty messy to share, so you should expect to use a fork if you have friends at the table.

The garlic fries were very good, but they’re not my favorite thing at Falafel Salam. Believe it or not, but the falafel is spectacular. It’s very fragrant and never dry. The hummus is pretty tasty as well. What sets everything to a higher level are the salads, sauces, and pickles that are served with their wraps. You can choose one of two styles; House or Purple. House is more traditional with a cucumber, cabbage, tomato, and parsley salad, plus tahini and fermented mango sauce. The Purple style is actually more Greek and comes with purple slaw, tzatziki, garlic sauce and feta. I like the house style more, but both are great. I wish I had thrown some of that accoutrement on the fries because it would have added a bit more texture and brightness to them as a standalone item.

Beyond the fries, I also bought a Hesitator Plate with a bunch of different proteins, a side of hummus, and my wife ordered a falafel wrap. The hesitator was good, but the falafel wrap was still my favorite bite. If you’re looking for my recommendation, get the falafel pita wrap with the house style and a side of hot sauce. It’s probably worth getting a side of hummus just so that you can eat one of their fresh pitas…it’s like a pillow. You can always pick up some sauces, pitas, or pickled/fermented stuff from the grab and go cooler as well.