Given that the last novelty soda I tried from Rocket Fizz was the Dirt Soda, this one feels like a 10 out of 10, but objectively it’s more of a 6 out of 10. Not only did I drink the whole thing…I enjoyed it.

If I know you (and I probably don’t), you’re thinking that went into this with an open mind and heart, ready to accept whatever Rocket Fizz was throwing at me. You’re wrong. I poured 4 ounces into a taster glass and had a moment of panic before taking my first sip. My fear was unfounded. This is essentially a toasted cream soda, and I’d drink it again.

If you breath in the fizz from the top of your glass you get a sense of graham cracker. That sort of nutty/gluten/something. I don’t know. Whatever graham cracker dust tastes like, this imitated it well. Once you get a substantial amount on your palate you mostly taste the sugar, but there is definitely a toasted marshmallow element. I didn’t notice any chocolate. That was probably for the best.

I’d put this up against other bottled cream sodas and I bet it’d do okay. Not a winner, but not a loser. You have to tell people that it’s a s’mores soda or they’ll just think something is wrong with it (burnt sugar), but this is a very non-offensive drink.

Purchased at Rocket Fizz on Capitol Hill in Seattle, sampled on 7/20/2016.